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Total Traffic Management Group

We have invented Automatic Speed Limiter Device. The purpose of the invention is to create an autonomous dynamic regulation system with a simple technology and easy installation procedure, not requiring any intervention in the vehicle manufacturing process, being adaptive to the geographical location of the vehicle and ensuring timely speed limitation referring to the speed limits along the road, using API.

Our company provides an innovative solution for GPS Tracking and Fleet Management industry.

We went through incubation and acceleration program in Startup Factory powered by Future Laboratory in the University of Georgia.

Project has been granted in amount of 35 000 USD, for product development, from Georgia’s innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) and The World Bank.

TTM Group is a beneficial of Technology Transfer Pilot Program (TTPP) by GITA and The World Bank. Program helps in development and “Go to Market” processes.

TTM Group is a winner of concurs organized by Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Network and will go through incubation program – “How to go to US market” at TechTown in Detroit, US and at WeWork in Washington DC, US.


Intelligent Speed Assistance

Device for control vehicles maximum speed according to limit set on the road. ISA is an annex to GPS Tracker and has to be installed inside the car. It can be used in any vehicle which has an electronic acceleration pedal (incl. Hybrid and Electric cars). ISA uses GPS Tracker to receive information using API about speed limits, vehicles location and speed. When vehicle reaches the speed limit, device will turn off the acceleration pedal function. Speed limit data is coming from GPS Tracking or Navigation Platform, using API. Map and data can be manually customized by fleet manager or car owner.


Automatic Speed Limiter

Automatically limits vehicle speed according to limit set on the current section of road


Predetermine vehicles operation area. If the driver leaves the zone, device will turn off acceleration pedal function


Turn off the acceleration pedal function at any distance

Fuel Economy

About 10-20% fuel economy



Five Reasons Why Fleet Managers are Terminated

Fleet managers must avoid being perceived as closed-minded. While you may be recognized for your strong industry knowledge, you do not want to develop a reputation of not being open to new ideas.


Are speed limiters the best way to reduce road deaths?

The European Union is planning to make speed limiters compulsory on all new cars from 2022 and the UK is set to follow suit even after Brexit. But is the technology reliable enough yet?



Cars will also be required to detect drowsy drivers and record driving data on black boxes




Vakhtang Iashvili

Vakhtang Iashvili

Co-Founder and CEO

He is in control of the strategic operational issues. He responsible for identifying the tasks for team members and controlling their performance.

Dimitri  Abashidze

Dimitri Abashidze

Co-Founder and Financial Director.

He is in control of the project financial analytics and planning.

He is distinguished for good mathematical analytical ability and is focused on the analysis of the company’s financial indicators and their improvement.

Giorgi  Esvanjia

Giorgi Esvanjia

Co-Founder, CMO

Planning and analyzing of the company’s marketing strategy. Responsible for planning and conducting negotiations with clients and partners and ensuring involvement in the arrangements needed for the company development.

Revaz  Kakabadze

Revaz Kakabadze

Technical Manager

Hardware design and product development. He is responsible for technical solutions and hardware development planing.

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